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Getting to know Taiwan
You are such a psychopath
It's shame that we cannot protect these kids

"Some how, this has become routine."

Trump is winning, and the country is losing
But there is a cost to this:
  • Part of the cost is political. Trump sees the world as zero-sum tribal warfare, and the way he operates, the way he acts, the rage and fear and shock he calls forth in his opponents, makes it more so.
  • Part of the cost is social. Keeping politics at this pitch for four years is a terrible strain on an already divided country.
  • Some of it is an opportunity cost — there are so many other conversations we could be having, so many other stories we could be covering.
'If you want a job done right, get a woman'
"This is one of the worst times in our history, and that's why I honestly believe that women are going to be the ones that fix it," the singer told the crowd at the #PowertothePolls rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. "And that's no bull**** because ... if you want a job done right, get a woman."
America is changing
Bigoted slurs, immigration bans and racist rallies can't change that

Like the founders, immigrants flocked to our shores ... and the way we saw ourselves changed.

There is no other word
False Alarm Hints at Thin Line Between Mishap and War
Security experts called it a frightening warning of how a technical error could set off an unintended conflict with North Korea.
"Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii.
"Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."
Hawaii alert: False missile alarm sparks panic

Thank god that Trump was goofing when false alert was issued

The Fruit of War
After the bombs dropped by the US on Nagasaki and Hiroshima forced Japan's surrender and ended World War II in 1945, O'Donnell spent four years documenting the aftermath in the two cities, according to Library of Congress records. around the world that ManpowerGroup surveyed, Taiwan came out with the highest percentage of employers who expect to hire people next quarter.
Taiwan's unique voice to world

'White noise' campaign introduces Taiwan's unique voice to world
Want A Job In 2018? Your Best Bet Is Taiwan
Among 43 places around the world that ManpowerGroup surveyed, Taiwan came out with the highest percentage of employers who expect to hire people next quarter.
Taiwan and the rest of the world
Furthermore, Trump’s recent visit to China demonstrated his utter lack of diplomatic acumen and experience, and was more or less a complete washout for the US, causing serious damage to its reputation in the West Pacific.
For her part, Tsai is right to maintain her New Southbound Policy and build a “smart defense” for Taiwan, and it would be advisable to maintain a wary cordiality between Taiwan and the US State Department until if or when more capable hands take over.
Taiwanese are lucky to have such a capable professional as their head of state.
Thank Goodness for Donald Trump
The 45th U.S. president has jolted us out of a profound amnesia and complacency.

Feminism, broadly defined as a project against male domination, is again becoming a vigorous movement.

It has been Trump’s historical role to jolt us out of a profound amnesia and complacency and into fresh thought and action. For this overdue awakening, if nothing else, the 45th U.S. president deserves our gratitude.

Designed in Taiwan
Made in Taiwan: From mass manufacturing to high design

Now, the island's creative industries are striving to replace the once-ubiquitous "made in Taiwan" with a label befitting of the present day: "Designed in Taiwan"

毋通嫌台灣 - The Best and Worst Countries to Live/Work In
Taiwan listed in the top 10 favorite places for expats.

In terms of quality of life, Taiwan is listed as top-ranked country for Health and well-being category

Taiwan Is Slowly Getting Help From Around Asia To Resist China Economically
Chatime's footprint in the region of 630 million people makes it something of a role model for the Taiwan government. In October, President Tsai Ing-wen's administration revived a policy to steer Taiwanese investors into South and Southeast Asia to avoid overdependence on China. Tsai calls it the New Southbound Policy.
Finally, Strategic Clarity in the South China Sea. Is the Taiwan Strait Next?
Just as the strategic ambiguity that clouded the Navy’s South China Sea operations has now been cleared away, the same should be done regarding any doubts Beijing may harbor as to the U.S. commitment to defend Taiwan.
A "pen and phone" strategy vs. eraser
Obama and Trump: Different in So Many Ways
Trump, lacking any major legislative accomplishments despite the advantage of a Republican-controlled Congress, has issued dozens of executive orders and actions during the past seven months that have had a sweeping effect across the scope of government. They range from huge shifts in international policy to minor tinkering with obscure federal regulations.
Kim is a man who wants to see many more days of roller-coaster rides, basketball games, and executions.

Donald Trump, despite his impulses, also prefers not to get hurt. He initially tried peaceful approaches to the nuclear-bomb issue, first leaning on China and then calling Kim a “smart cookie.” Only in August did he try to match the crazy, promising “fire and fury” if Kim tried anything funny, and even that was undermined by Trump’s own team. Rule of thumb: Never go full NoKo.

Two Presidents and Charlottesville
In his speech at Charlottesville in 1940, Franklin Roosevelt united America; in his remarks about Charlottesville in 2017, Donald Trump divided it.

What Germans think?

I don't know what life experiences the people surrounding the Trump supporters could have had: they could have had a family member who died in the Holocaust, or have been a victim of a hate crime, or have even been kicked out of their home as an LGBT child by a family member with conservative ideals. All of that results in immense pain.

Anger in Taiwan over 'Chinese Taipei' Olympics moniker
A poll conducted this year by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation found that 80% of respondents described themselves as Taiwanese.

Why Do Foreigners Come to Taiwan? 老外為什麼來台灣?

Free Speech
Whatever its merits, the European position is rooted in its experiences that the free market of ideas can fail—disastrously.

European history has shown this. In an unregulated marketplace of ideas, private citizens need to take up the burden of holding the line against racist extremism.

Taiwan museum makes exhibit images free to download
Taiwan museum has placed 70,000 high-quality electronic images in a free-to-download archive so that online users can enjoy its exhibitions. It also provides a database for users to download information on the history and use of the cultural artefacts.
Trump "Value Voters"
The article, in the Vatican-reviewed journal La Civiltà Cattolica, says some American evangelicals and Catholics have become a "community of combatants" who seek to impose a "xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations."

The authors accuse chief White House strategist Steve Bannon of supporting "an apocalyptic geopolitics" based on misguided theopolitical thinking that centers on state submission to the Bible, an idea "that is no different from the one that inspires Islamic fundamentalism."

Hit on 1st Lady
President Donald Trump’s history of misogyny is no secret. Everyone from his beauty pageant contestants to his own baby daughter has been subjected to his unsavory gaze. Just last month, the commander in chief made creepy overtures to an Irish reporter—in the Oval Office, in front of other journalists. The man has absolutely no shame.
A dark new conservatism
If Republicans do not wish to repeat the mistakes of the German conservatives of the 1930s, they had better find their courage – and their conservatism – fast

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